Market Info

Ontario Sheep Farmers provides market reporting information for Ontario sheep farmers and industry stakeholders. Reports are provided on a weekly basis and available online or by calling the market line at 519-836-0043 and pressing option 4.

Pricing Definition

All prices quoted are on a per 100 weight basis ($/cwt). To determine the price per pound, divide the price by 100.

Prices quoted for categories under 10 head are not considered statistically reliable.

Heading Definitions

Number of head (# of head)

The total number of animals sold within a given weight class.

Low – high price range

Represents 80% of the sales within a weight class. These figures are calculated to remove very high and/or very low prices from the range.

Average price (avg $)

The average price for all sales within a weight class.

Top price (top $)

The top dollar paid within a weight class. This figure may differ from the high price quoted in the price range.

Average weight (avg wt)

The average weight of all animals sold within a weight class.