Ontario Sheep Farmers is represented by a 11-member board elected on a rotating basis (four each year and three in the third year) by their peers (other sheep farmers) for a three year term.

Each board member represents a district, which consists of sheep farmers residing in a geographic area in the province.

Annually, board members elect a chair, a 1st vice chair, and a 2nd vice chair from amongst themselves. Board members attend at least ten board meetings per year. In addition to board meetings, directors may sit on various internal and industry committees. Ontario Sheep Farmers is represented at organizations such as the Agricultural Adaptation Council, Ontario Agricultural Commodity Council, and others.

Board members participate in many agricultural and sheep industry events and keep in close contact with district committees and county clubs in their regions.

For more information about the districts, or how you can get involved, click here.

Annual Convention and Business Meeting

The Ontario Sheep Farmers’ annual meeting is held each year in late fall. For every thirty (30) registered producers in a district, the district elects one (1) voting delegate to attend the annual meeting. He or she represents the district during voting procedures. All producers may attend and participate in the discussions.