Ontario Sheep Farmers is committed to funding research. We partner with other organizations, wherever possible, to work on projects that provide better value to our members by leveraging expertise, resources and funding.

The research committee uses the research priorities, identified through the sheep research strategy, to make recommendations to the Ontario Sheep Farmers board of directors on which projects to fund. The research priorities do not always change from year to year.

Ontario Sheep Farmers works with the Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC) to help achieve its research goals.

Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC)

LRIC is a producer-driven organization made up of Ontario livestock and poultry organizations that strongly believe the animal protein sectors will continue to underpin the prosperity of Ontario for many years to come, and that well designed and directed research will drive and enable that prosperity. LRIC provides a single portal through which collective investment in livestock and poultry research conducted in Ontario is able to generate the best possible outcomes and return on investment for our sector and the province.

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