Master Shepherd's Course (Professional Development)

The online Master Shepherd Course will run through till February 2024.

Who should apply?

  • existing sheep farmers who want to improve the management, productivity, and profitability of their flocks.


Course fees:

  •  Full course:       $2,240 (HST included)
    • payable in 4 instalments or pay-as-you-go
  • Single module:   $245 (HST included)



Registration is limited to North American residents at this time with Ontario producers given preference.

  • Full-time Registrations
    • There is a limit of 35 new full-time registrants.
    • Registrants can begin anytime up until module 5. If you register after the most recent module you can complete the course at the next offering.

Email the Application form  to 

  • Single Module Registrations
    • Limit of 10 single module registrants per module.
    • You can register through THINKIFIC 


The course consists of:

  • Eleven on-line modules
    • each online module consists of eight 1.5-hour sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings presented on the Zoom platform.
  • One two-day in person module (Module 4 Business Planning)
  • One two-day farm tour (June or September 2023)
  • A second optional two-day farm tour (minimum of 25 registrations required). 


12 Modules Are Offered

Business Planning;   Flock productivity and reproduction;   Ewe flock nutrition

Industry dynamics and governance;   Genetics;   Infrastructure and feeding systems

Effective flock health management;   Lambing and lamb rearing;   Predation and pasture management

Lamb feedlots and dairy;  Marketing and wool

Module 12 is restricted to full-time registrants only where they present their business plans to the class.

To view the module schedule click here


Questions? This FAQ should answer most questions.


Testimonials from Master Shepherd’s alumni:

"The online format of the MSC provided me with an invaluable digital resource that I’ve referenced repeatedly for information since the course ended.  I found this to be the most well organized and informative online course I’ve ever taken.  With daily chores and a young family, the online format enabled me to take the MSC where I otherwise would not have had the time away from the farm." Robert Parker

The farm tours brought the lecture and information to life. You also got to see hacks that you wouldn’t necessarily find in a book or on a website.” Caitlin Harvey

I gained great connections by taking the course and learned a lot in the process. I still find myself referring back to one of the manuals when I’m searching for a specific piece of information.” Shanna Armstrong

 “If you are sheep farming on a full-time basis, the course will pay for itself in no time.” Jeff DeJong