GenOvis is a genetic improvement program designed to assist purebred and commerical sheep farmers in the evaluation of breeding stock, and to provide a measure of the comparative productivity of ewes in flocks.

The program provides information that farmers can use to improve the genetics of their flock and monitor performance. GenOvis maintains a database of the performance records of tested sheep across Canada.

How does GenOvis work?

Information on animals - sire, dam, offspring, birth weight, number of lambs born and raised, weights at 50 and 100 days - is integrated into the GenOvis genetic evaluation program. This data is used to then produce Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) and indexes. Both EPDs and indexes are genetic selection tools that allow sheep farmers to choose animals based on their potential to pass on genetic traits to their offspring.


There is an annual enrollment fee of $232 + tax to participate in the program.

For more information or to enroll:

Contact: CEPOQ
P: 418.856.1200 x221

List of Ontario producers enrolled in GenOvis