EweGROW is a program designed to help sheep farmers benchmark their production, and identify ways to improve their farm's productivity and profitability.

The sheep industry lacks aggregated industry data that farmers can use to compare their farm businesses to. Keeping track of on-farm data - number of ewes, number of lambs born, number of animals marketed as examples - allows farmers to monitor their progress, see the impacts of the management decisions they are making, and if their farm business goals are being met.

Compiling benchmark data

OSF has develped a concise benchmarking worksheet to record data for up to 10 key benchmarks. Ontario sheep farmers can submit the data to OSF that will then be aggregated to create industry benchmarks. All information will be kept confidential and can be submitted anonymously.

Benchmarking report templates

Download the concise benchmarking worksheet below.

Forms can be submitted by:

  • Email: general@ontariosheep.org
  • Fax: 519.836.2531
  • Mail:
    Ontario Sheep Farmers
    130 Malcolm Rd
    Guelph, ON  N1K 1B1