Animal Care

Sheep farmers raise livestock because they like working with animals. Most know that properly cared for animals are more productive which means a better income for them and their families. Nevertheless, there are controls in place to help ensure that sheep and other farm animals are raised responsibly.

Agriculture and food production are subject to laws and regulations governing animal treatment. Ontario farmers are subject to laws outlined in the Criminal Code of Canada, as well as the Provincial  Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) Act. Provisions included in these pieces of legislation protect animals from "unnecessary pain, injury, suffering or neglect". Offenses are punishable by law. 

A Code of Practice has also been developed and is now in place for sheep. The Code has been designed to guide farmers, handlers, transporters, and processors in their practices. The codes have been drafted through close consultation with producers, government, researchers, and industry.

Facts and Figures about Canadian Sheep

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