All About Wool

Wool is described as natural, renewable, biodegradable, a natural insulator, breathable, resilient and elastic, multi-climatic/trans-seasonal, easy care, and odour resistant by The Campaign for Wool.

Animal Care

Sheep farmers are committed to providing the highest level of care for their animals. They follow the best available animal care practices that are based on science and research, and are outlined in the Code of Practices for the Care and Handling of Sheep. This includes providing fresh air, water, and feed, protection from predators, and managing the animals’ health through shearing, nutrition, and the use of vaccinations and medications (when necessary).

Ontario Sheep Farmers has also signed the Dumfries House Declaration, which includes a commitment to standards of animal welfare as embodied in the International Wool and Textile Organisation Specifications for Wool Sheep Welfare.

All About Wool

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