The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, provincial governments, producers, transporters, industry organizations, and many others each have a role to play. This page has been developed to assist producers and those transporting animals find information to ensure compliance with the regulations. 

The requirements for the transport of all animals into, within and out of Canada are found in Part XII of the Health of Animals Regulations.

  • All those involved in transporting animals either directly or indirectly have the responsibility to assess animals for fitness, then select, prepare and load only animals that are fit for the intended journey.
  • If you are responsible for activities related to the loading, unloading or transporting of animals, you must be familiar with – and follow – Canada's transport of animals regulations.
  • Enforcement actions are proportional to the animal welfare situation and the seriousness of the non-compliance and can include notices (verbal or written) and penalties (monetary or non-monetary).


*In The Event Of An Emergency Call 911*


Common Questions and Answers on the Humane Transport Regulations for the Sheep Sector. Click here

Transfer of Care Document and Recording Keeping 

  • Transfer of Care and document click here 
  • Records and Transfer of Care Comparison for Transporters click here

OSF Transport Manifest Document 

To assist with the compliance of the regulation OSF has created a Transporter Manifest which can be found by clicking here

Contingency Planning 

To assist with the contingency planning please see the livestock contingency planning template by clicking here

For additional information visit 

  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency click here
  • CFIA Factsheet Transporting Unfit Compromised Animals click here 
  • CFIA Livestock Transport Brochure click here
  • CFIA Webinar presentation to Ontario Sheep Producers January 14th, 2020 click here
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  • Common Questions and Answers on the Humane Transport Regulations for the Sheep Sector. Click here


The Interpretive guidance Health of Animals Regulations Part XII: Transportation of Animals will be updated to address the questions we are receiving in order to help the third parties in interpreting the HAR Part XII. 

Please send your questions to the CFIA  Animal Transport email:

OSF/CFIA Information Session 

  • To view the slide from the OSF/CFIA webinar hosted on February 16th, 2022 click here
  • To view the recording of the OSF/CFIA webinar hosted on February 16th, 2022 click here 
  • Common Questions and Answers on the Humane Transport Regulations for the Sheep Sector. Click here


Farm and Food Care Livestock Transportation Emergency Information 

  • Livestock Transportation Emergencies Information Manual 2022 Click here

  • Trucker/Hauler Emergency Contact Template Click here

Are you looking for additional transport training? 

Canadian Livestock Transport (CLT) training program is up and running.