Farmers behind the Product

Learn more about the passionate families who work hard to produce premium fresh Ontario lamb.

Ontario sheep farmers take pride in the premium product we make for our customers, friends and neighbours. We are also proud of the great story we must share about environmental sustainability, and our commitment to the land, animals and producing high-quality food and fibre. 

Meet some of our producer members and their families below.  

Schill Farm

“There are so many great farmers to network with and learn from in the sheep industry. So many possibilities for all types of farmers and farm systems ... sheep are a wonderful fit! Sheep farming in Ontario has allowed us to be full time sheep farmers and raise our young kids on the family farm.”


Martin Farm

“We enjoy being an Ontario sheep farmer because it allows us to work at home and enjoy the four seasons with my family.”


McEwen Farm

“I love the daily interactions with the sheep, and witnessing first hand how we can manage those sheep to help improve our environment. Our pastures are a grassland habitat for numerous other animals, and it’s amazing to see how positive of an impact our sheep have on that environment, all the while producing meat and wool in a truly sustainable system.” 


Maus/Garner Farm

“Bob and I came to sheep production later in life. We still had the energy to farm on a small scale but did not want to deplete our retirement funds in doing so.  Sheep were a perfect fit.   Raising sheep allowed us to challenge ourselves as breeders, meat and lately wool producers, and as scientists.  The short generation time meant that we could see improvement in our breeding stock over the time we were breeding.  Programs such as Genovis, OSF education programs and the Flock Health program supported our goals for both genetic improvement and flock health management.”


Davis Farm

“Looking out across our fields at the sheep grazing and lambs playing, knowing that they are using the land to its fullest potential and at the same time giving back to soil health, makes it all worth it. In my opinion, sheep truly are the most sustainable and regenerative agricultural commodity and I love being a part of it.”