On-Farm Technology

Ontario Sheep Farmers continue to provide farmers with information and resources on the latest innovative technologies and safe health practices for their farms.  Watch this page for key decision-making tools and educational videos to enhance on-farm management.

Decision-making Tools 

What’s next for on-farm technology? Learn about five futuristic innovations that sheep farmers should watch for.

With so many weigh scale and livestock data collecting software options, this chart compares the latest hardware selections to help farmers invest in the right tools for their farm.

This resource summarizes the latest on-farm health tools and innovations for small ruminant animals, including health, disease prevention, record keeping and animal handling.

This resource offers farmers an easy-to-read comparison chart to help select the best EID/RFID reader for your farm.

Disclaimer: This comparison focused on the main brands of RFID/EID tag readers that are readily available in Canada and their specs as of April 2021. This is not to be considered a full listing of RFID/EID tag reader technology available in Canada.

The latest biosecurity innovations feature geofencing and contact tracing to monitor farm visits and prevent disease transmission. This resource compares software selections currently available to farmers.

Electronic Record-Keeping Comparison click here

Everything you need to know to compare electronic record-keeping software options is all in one place. This resource clearly organizes the latest software options and features to provide farmers with an easy-to-use decision-making tool.

Disclaimer: This comparison focused on the main brands that are readily available in Canada. This is not to be considered a full listing of Record-Keeping technologies available in Canada.

Educational Videos 

  • Value to adopt record-keeping solutions (coming soon) click here 
  • How to get the most from your hardware (coming soon) click here 
  • How sound biosecurity can reduce disease transfer (coming soon) click here 


On-Farm Technology Questionnaire Forms 

  • Handheld RFID/EID collecting solutions – find the right handheld reader tool for your farm click here

The five simple questions to find the right handheld RFID/EID collecting solution for your farm business. This handy time-saving resource will provide you with a list of the most suitable hardware solutions available today.

  • Integrating hardware on your farm – identify the right data collection tool to fit your farm click here

Looking for data collection solutions for your farm? Narrow down your search by answering six simple questions to find recommended solutions for your farm.

With support from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) and AgSights, have researched and compiled this latest set of resources to support farmers in the investment and long-term planning of their operations as they navigate new biosecurity and health concerns like COVID-19. For more information on this project click here

For additional resources visit the OSF Bio-security and COVID-19 pages.