Dist 10 Fall Sheep Farm Tour

Oct 21, 2023, 10am

All producers welcome to join in a tour of Eastern ON/SW QC sheep farms

10:30 am Farm #1 – Bainsville ON Using fabric covered barns originally built for pigs, this farm family has lots of barn space to grow. They currently raise around 300 ewes, have a pasture beef herd, produce corn, soybeans and have a maple syrup operation. Sheep are a relatively new venture. The family has learned lots and are willing to share.

1 pm Farm # 2 – Godmanchester QC 350 Texels, Rideaus and F1 cross ewes. Combination pasture and barn raised using winter bale unrolling in pastures.

2:30 pm Farm # 3 – Ormstown QC 1st gen sheep farmer 900 ewe flock total confinement in greenhouses. Expanding? Starting out raising sheep?

Join in for a FREE day of learning and fellowship.

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