Parasite Management Course (Online Professional Development)


Ontario Sheep Farmers (OSF) has planned an informative webinar series that focuses on parasite management in Ontario.  Parasite management is always a challenging topic for producers, our webinar series is be geared toward sheep and goat producers and is developed and presented by Dr. Rex Crawford of Dundas Veterinary Services in Orangeville, ON and Dr. Amy Gaw of Temiskaming Veterinary Services in New Liskeard, ON on behalf of Ontario Sheep Farmers.

Each webinar/module will be approximately 75 minutes long with 50 minutes of presentation time, the rest for Q & A.

The modules are held weekly at 8 pm on the same evening of each week.

Proposed Dates and Module T.BC. 

  • July 21st, Module 1 – Intro, Life Cycle of the Gin, How do GIN Behave,
  • July 28th, Module 2 - Diagnosing Disease, Using Clinical Signs to Diagnose Parasitism,
  • August 4th, Module 3 – Dewormers, Reasons why wormers sometime do not work, Anthelmintic Resistance
  • August 11th, Module 4 - Sustainable Integrated Parasite Management (Overview of the Ontario 5-star plan), Managing Pastures to Manage Parasites
  • August 18th, Module 5 - Use Anthelmintics Appropriately-who, when, refugia, Investigating Treatment Failure, Quarantine & Treatment of New Animals
  • August 25th, Module 6 – Putting it all together Questions. Developing on-farm parasite management plans

Time: 8 pm (sharp)

The course fee: $80 per participant.

  • Individual courses are not offered separately.
  • Pre-registration is required.

Location: WebEx Format (Link and participant code will be shared with those who have paid registration)


Registration form (Fillable PDF) click here 

For more details call the Ontario Sheep Farmers Office at 519 836 0043 x 327 or email