Parasite Management Course (Online Professional Development)


We welcome you to the Parasite Management Course. This self-guided online course focuses on parasite management in Ontario. Parasite management is always a challenging topic for producers. This online self-guided course is geared toward sheep and goat producers and is developed and presented by Dr. Rex Crawford of Dundas Veterinary Services in Orangeville, ON, and Dr. Amy Gaw of Temiskaming Veterinary Services in New Liskeard, ON with input from Ontario Sheep Farmers who are the course administrator and owner of the program.

Each self-guided module will take approximately 75 minutes to complete with 50 minutes of presentation time and the module quiz.

The course is broken down into 6 modules:

  • Module 1 – Intro, Life Cycle of the Gin, How do GIN Behave
  • Module 2 - Diagnosing Disease, Using Clinical Signs to Diagnose Parasitism
  • Module 3 – Dewormers, Reasons why wormers sometimes do not work, Anthelmintic Resistance
  • Module 4 - Sustainable Integrated Parasite Management (Overview of the Ontario 5-star plan), Managing Pastures to Manage Parasites
  • Module 5 - Use Anthelmintics Appropriately-who, when, refugia, Investigating Treatment Failure, Quarantine & Treatment of New Anim
  • Module 6 – Putting it all together Questions. Developing on-farm parasite management plans. 

Note: Each module has a chapter quiz which requires  50% on each course quiz before proceeding to the next module. Should a passing grade not be achieved participants will be required to retake the quiz until a passing grade is achieved before advancing to the next module. A final quiz is given in Chapter 6. Once all modules are completed including quizzes and final quiz a certificate of completion will be issued.

The course fee: $50 (HST included)  per participant.

  • Individual courses are not offered separately


Should you have any questions or issues registering contact the Ontario Sheep Farmers office at 519 836 0043 x 327 or email