Crossroads Challenge

The Crossroads Challenge is an opportunity to challenge our priorities and activities, focus on the present and future needs of producers, and utilize our collective knowledge to build a better sheep industry.
The Crossroad Challenge is your opportunity to focus on the future.

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Crossroad Challange Updates 

  • Crossroads Update - June 21st 2021 

The Crossroads Challenge is as much about listening as it has been about building a new strategic plan for the Ontario Sheep Farmer (OSF) organization. We have listened and followed you as your emails, survey responses and conversations have led us along the path being created, towards the kind of future you want for the Ontario sheep industry. To read the full update click here 

  • Crossroads What's Next - May 2021

In the first phase of The Crossroad Challenge, Ontario sheep farmers told us that growth was a priority for the next five years.  Growing the sheep flock is essential for the prosperity and viability of individual farms and the Ontario sheep industry.

Knowing this, Crossroads will now consider how OSF best supports and encourages growth for Ontario’s sheep farm businesses.  To identify the actions that might lead to growth we are reaching out to farmers and the sheep value chain (processors, retailers, government, auctions).  This input will help to identify the specific actions OSF can take over the next five years to further the growth imperative. To read more click here 

As we wrap up the first phase of the Crossroads Challenge, we would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who provided thoughtful, respectful, forward-thinking comments. This first phase gave us some insight into the direction you want the industry to go in, and some of the concerns you have. 

The Phase 1 report, which summarizes what we heard and gives us some things to think about as we move into Phase 2, can be found by clicking here.
In a few weeks, OSF will be coming back out to consult with you on this report. We will be looking for your feedback and will be posing a series of questions to help facilitate this.
At any time, you are welcome to provide your thoughts and feedback on the process by emailing

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