OSMA Announces a Call for Research Proposals

The Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency (OSMA) is pleased to announce the call for proposals for research that aligns with its current Research Priorities.  It is open for sheep-related research across Canada

Letters of intent are due no later than January 30th 2015. Full proposals will be solicited in March with the target of having proposals approved by June 2015.

It is important to note that projects will be ranked accordingly on the following criteria:

  • Ability to fall within current OSMA priorities.
  • Ability to leverage funds.
  • Ability to communicate your research results and conclusions.

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  • Animal Health
  • Nutrition   
  • Marketing, Product Quality and Economics
  • Genetics
  • Reproduction and Production Systems
  • Environment
  • Food Safety
  • Animal Welfare
For Full Priorities Click Here. 


Letter to Researchers

OSMA Research Priorities

Letter of Intent Application 

To Apply:

To apply please fill out the letter of intent application above:
Email to
Fax to 519-836-2531
Mail to: Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency
130 Malcolm Road
Guelph, ON
N1K 1B1 

Phone: 519-836-0043   

Background Information

Researchers are to complete the Letter of Intent and submit it by email, fax or mail no later than January 30, 2015. No exceptions.

The Research Committee will review the Letters of Intent and notify the applicants that they would like to see a Full Proposal form.

Once the Full Proposals are received they will be sent out for Peer Review. Based on those results the committee will determine which projects to fund. All applicants will be notified whether their project was successful or not.

Research Project Schedule



R & D committee meets to discuss priorities for the upcoming year


Update website with new priorities


Notify Board & staff of priorities


Update website with new forms and letters


Call for Letter of Intent for projects


Deadline to receive Letter of Intent

JANUARY 30, 2015

Send Letters of Intent to Research Committee


Research Committee meeting to decide on which projects move on


Contact applicants to send in full proposal


Contact the projects that weren’t successful


Deadline for full proposals


Send out for peer review


Deadline to have proposals back from peer review


Research Committee discusses. Determine which projects proceed for Board approval


Full proposals to Board with a summary


Deadline for Board approval


Notify applicants


OSMA prepares contract for applicant


Send out two copies of contract to applicant for signature


Signed contract back to OSMA


Cover letter, signed contract, cheque advance to applicant