Government Support Programs

Programs and Services for Ontario Farmers (OMAFRA PDF)

Growing Forward Program

Participating in the Growing Forward Business Development for Farm Businesses Program can help achieve business goals in such areas as Food Safety and Traceability, Business Development, Environment and Climate Change, and Biosecurity.

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Farm Start Program

The purpose of the FarmStart Program is to encourage and support new farmers to develop ecological and locally based farm businesses. Goals of FarmStart include, helping to promote sustainable business models, developing effective land tenure and stewardship arrangements, coordinating and communicating innovative, new and local market research. FarmStart also helps to develop farm facilities, resources and linkages important for new and young farmers.

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More Programs and Funding Benefiting both New and Existing Producers

Whether you are a new or existing producer or are taking over the family farm, you may want to consider programs that are offered through the government in order to enhance your farm business for the years to come.

A financial loan guarantee program or the Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) program can help give a producer access to credit. This program is open to beginning and existing farmers, farmers taking over the family farm and also to agricultural co-operatives. The maximum loan granted for land and construction or renovation of buildings is $500,000. For all other purposes the maximum amount is $350,000. For complete details about this program phone 1-888-346-2511 or click here.

Farm Credit Canada (FCC) also offers an assortment of different loans for beginning producers. Information on the type of loans offered can be found by clicking here or by calling 1-888-332-3301.

Additional resources which help to focus on management and planning for your farm include Farm Credit Canada Workshops that take place in the fall and winter with registration beginning in the summer. Some of these workshops include; Farm Financial Management, Transferring the Farm, Vision and Goal Setting and Commodity Marketing Management, to name a few. For more information and a list of dates and locations phone 1-888-332-3301 or click here.

If you are starting a new farm business, a business information bundle for new farmers is available. This includes sections on building skills, business plans, common questions about starting a farm business and resources for new farmers, etc. For more information on this beneficial resource call OMAFRA toll free at 1-877-424-1300 or local at 1-519-826-4047 or visit the website.