The Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency’s (OSMA) Strategic Plan, provides a blueprint for the industry for the next 7 years; with a commitment to review and update goals, activities and timelines yearly. It is the roadmap to ensure that organization has focus – that it has a set of agreed, clearly articulated outcomes that produce desired results.

This plan was developed under the guidance of the OSMA Board of Directors, with input from producers from across the province. It reflects the issues identified by producers and Directors, specifically around advocacy, market development, industry capacity and organizational capacity. Unfortunately we were not able to incorporate every idea into this plan; however we believe that we have captured all the major themes and focus areas.
The Plan is organized into 4 Key Strategic Directions (KSD) that target the areas the industry needs to focus on to ensure sustainability and profitability. Within each KSD goals have been developed to identify the actions that must be taken in order to achieve the outcomes of the strategy. The successful implementation of this strategy will inform the future evolution of the sector.

Key Strategic Direction

High level activities


The Voice of the Ontario Sheep industry

Market Development

Develop a Sustainable Sheep industry

Industry Capacity

Producer support through education and research and development

Organizational Capacity

To provide leadership to the Ontario Sheep Industry

Through the successful implementation of these activities the industry will be able to meet its Key Performance Indicators

  1. A 20% increase in the ewe flock size by 2020
  2. An additional 52,540 Ontario lambs marketed/year by 2020
  3. An increased demand for lamb by 0.17 kg/person/year by 2020

For the full strategic plan please refer to the following document:
OSMA's Strategic Plan


A Master Shepherd Education Program is currently being developed for commercially-minded lamb producers wishing to expand their production and business management skill base.
More details will be available in the coming months.