Mission Statement

To enhance producers' returns and provide consumers with premium lamb and sheep products by encouraging  sheep producers to provide a quality, year-round product through advocacy, education, research and development, and promotion.


To be the leader and trusted ally for the Ontario sheep industry that will enable Ontario shepherds to be the principal suppliers of lamb and other sheep products in Ontario.


1.  Advocacy

  • Nurture positive, proactive, long-term relationships with government, the Canadian Sheep Federation, agricultural groups, industry partners and other provincial organizations. 
  • Be a trusted advisor to the government on sheep industry issues. 
  • Stimulate new opportunities for the sheep industry.
  • Co-operate and collaborate to promote and protect the interests of producers and other industry partners.
  • Protect markets and industry from potential threats.
  • Implement communication strategy to bring goals to fuition.
2.  Education
  • Enhance the long-term viability of producers' operations through programs, technology transfer and training.
  • Work with other stakeholders in technology transfer, training and program development.
  • Inform Ontario sheep producers of the roles and responsibilities of Ontario Sheep.
  • Provide an environment for progressive, positive opportunities within the industry.
  • Support education opportunities for increased production in Ontario
  • Implement communication strategy to bring goals to fruition.
3.  Research and Development

Foster producer, industry and organization development and growth to: 
  • Enhance product development.
  • Increase producer profitability
  • Advance information gathering and development.
  • Improve use of technology.
  • Maximize research and development through leveraged research funds and partnerships with stakeholders.
  • Implement communication strategy to bring goals to fruition..
4.  Organization

  • Foster leadership development at district level by making available training and resources.
  • Increase participation of producers in program uptake, technology transfer and training.
  • Improve involvement at district activities and encourage the sharing of information with Ontario Sheep.
  • Assist districts to provide progressive programs.
  • Implement communication strategy to bring goals to fruition.
  • Provide direction and policy that will allow Ontario Sheep to be responsive to the needs of producers and other stakeholders.
  • Oversee the financial viability of the organization.
  • Be a trained, informed, responsive and dynamic Ontario Sheep Board member.
  • Proactively address current and emerging industry issues.
  • Recognize producers as the number one client of the Board, staff and Districts.
  • Support and implement strategic directions and action plans.
  • Implement communication strategy to bring goals to fruition.
  • Staff work in a professional and personally rewarding work environment.
  • Staff receives recognition for their essential role in translating Ontario Sheep strategic directions into action.
  • Maintian a well managed, financially sound organization.
  • Implement communication strategy to bring goals to fruition.

5.  Promotion

  • Increase domestic demand by expanding existing markets and develop new markets.
  • Promote sheep industry to potential entrants.
  • Capitalize on local food initiatives by forming alliances with stakeholder groups.
  • Create a positive environment for producers
  • Put a face to sheep farming via public awareness.
  • Facilitate communication strategy to bring goals to fruition.