Communication with the OSMA Board of Directors

While OSMA Board meetings are held in closed session, we are committed to ensuring open communication between member producers and the Board of Directors. Producers are invited to submit any matter pertaining to the business of OSMA for consideration by the Board.

Producers may make a submission to the Board of Directors. All written materials, including a written summary of any proposed oral submission to the board must be delivered to the OSMA office to the attention of the General Manager, three weeks prior to the Board meeting date.

The OSMA Board will make every effort to accommodate all producer requests in a timely fashion unless the proposed matter has already been duly considered by the Board, or is deemed to be a matter, which falls outside the jurisdiction of OSMA.

Unless otherwise stated all Board meetings are held in Guelph.

Provincial Directors for 2016-2017

To find out what counties each District Represents ~ Click here. 

District 1 - Fraser Hodgson


Fraser and his wife Ruth own and operate a farm of 400 acres in Lambton County along the shore of Lake Huron. Their operation includes cash crop corn, wheat and soybeans, a 50 head cow/calf purebred Shorthorn herd, and a flock of 110 ewes. Sheep have been a part of the farming operation for at least four generations of the Hodgson family. For many years, purebred sales were a significant part of the business but over time the focus has changed to commercial meat production. Their flock now consists primarily of mixed breeds but still with a predominant Suffolk influence.

District 2 - Jay Lewis

James Lewis of Lewis Land and Stock is a proud business partner along side is father Don and brother Anson. Jay, his wife Penny and three sons, Blake, Cory and Will run a diverse farming operation consisting of a lamb feed lot, a cash crop operation, a dairy barn, and beef cows. Lewis Land and Stock prides itself on their family and employees. Our family is working towards a fourth-generation farm operation and continuously working to new adventures in the agriculture industry.

District 3 - Ron Follings

Ron, his wife Lorraine and brother Bill took over the family’s dairy operation in 1976 and continued milking until 2000. Follings Farms comprises 300 acres in Perth County and it is here that they have now built up a 200+ ewe commercial herd with a mix of Dorset and Rideau sheep using an accelerated lambing program. Their son Jason was introduced to sheep through a research program at Ridgetown College and has returned to the farm after graduating in 2011.

District 4 - Robert Scott, Chair

Rob Scott, his wife Joanne and son Matt currently own and operate Bridged Creek Farm, near Brantford. The farm consists of a 300-ewe flock as well as a recently built feedlot operation with an annual capacity of more than 2000 lambs, shipping 40 lambs a week to hit the heavy market between 100-110lbs. Rob has operated Bridged Creek Farm since 1992, has been a member of the OSMA Board for 4 years and is a Director on the Canadian Federation of Agriculture board.

District 5 - Heather Little

Heather grew up near Fergus on a small beef operation and attended the University of Guelph in agriculture. After extensive work in the pork industry she found her passion of sheep. Heather along with her husband Kevin and children operate a commercial 300 ewe flock near Grand Valley. Their farming operation also consists of cash crops along with a calf to finish operation of 50 cows.

District 6 - Josephine Martensson-Hemsted

Josephine and her husband John own and operate Sunningdale Farms, which is comprised of 200 acres close to highway 11, midway between Barrie and Orillia. They have a commercial ewe flock as well as a flock of purebred British Milk Sheep, totaling around 200. Josephine also works with two of her brothers in the family's security and monitoring business. Josephine plays in the Huronia Symphony Orchestra, and has been involved locally in municipal politics, healthcare governance and as a provincial representative on the Canadian Sheep Federation.

District 7 - Marc Carere, Vice-Chair

Marc has extensive experience in agriculture. In partnership with his wife Helen, he has operated Ballinahistle Farms Limited for over 30 years. Since 1998 they have concentrated their efforts on the development of a large commercial ewe flock and lamb feedlot. Marc has been involved with many commodities including beef, dairy, and cash cropping, and has served these industries in various capacities. He continues to participate in many industry projects and committees.

District 8 - Gary Fox


Gary is a longtime member of the agriculture industry. He comes from a farm in Prince Edward County, graduated from the Advanced Agriculture Leadership Program at the University of Guelph and he is still actively farming. Gary and his family own and operate Fox Farms near Bloomfield, where they run a 300 ewe flock, milk 60 cows and grow cash crops. Gary also has previous experience in provincial and municipal politics, having been an MPP for Prince Edward –Lennox-South – Hastings from 1995-1999 and Councillor and Reeve for Sophiasburgh. Since 2007, Gary has been representing agriculture on The Quinte Region Source Protection Committee, and he has been a provincial director for OSMA District 8 since 2013.

District 9 - David Bentley

David grew up in Ottawa and in 2001 moved to a 100 acre farm west of Almonte with his wife Melissa. The Bentleys and their 4 children have been involved with 4H since 2009 when they purchased a flock of grade Suffolk ewes. They operate a pasture-based system selling lamb directly to their retail customers. They plan to continue rotational grazing and introduce a maternal line for accelerated lambing.

District 10 - Sally Jorgensen

Sally currently is building a small commercial flock on a 60 acre farm near Kemptville. The flock is predominantly Rideau Arcott, with some Rideau cross breds, and a Texel terminal sire. Sales are divided between direct customers and the Embrum sales barn. In a previous life Sally worked in the federal government in food and agriculture. Her last assignment was as Agriculture Counselor at the Canadian embassy in Seoul, South Korea where she negotiated market access and organized trade promotion activities for Canadian agri-food products. Sally joined the OSMA board of directors in late 2013.

District 11 - Colleen Alloi

Colleen was raised on a dairy farm, graduated from University of Guelph - B.Sc. (Agr.) '84 - Major Agr. Economics. Upon graduation, she worked for FCC and has worked as a CSR for CanWest DHI (Dairy) since 1992. Colleen lives on a small farm near Sault Ste. Marie where they operate a mixed livestock operation, selling meat directly to customers as well as working with other sheep and goat producers supplying lamb and goat to meat shops and a grocery store in the Soo. They have had sheep since they purchased their farm in 1986 and have maintained around 80 Arcott Outaouais Ewes since 1989. The ewe flock are bred pure as well as crossed with Texels to supply the local meat market. Colleen joined the OSMA Board as the north's director in the fall 2011.